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We are a local Croydon dating website for local Croydon people.

Our aim is to bring you together with like-minded people in your local area.

We are here to help you find what you are looking for - whether it is love, companionship, a great night out, a little romance, a fun date, a life-long partner or a new friend.


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The internet has opened up a whole new way to meet people.

It is a fast, effective means of finding people who share your interests and goals.

More and more people are finding love through the internet and Date Croydon specifically aims to help you make contact with people from your local area quickly and easily.

Our search questions are designed to make it possible to find what you are looking for - that perfect date, that great companion, that fantastic lover.


Date Croydon can help you find the right person for you.

You might simply be looking for new friends. You might be looking for love and romance. You might be looking for fun and laughter.

Or you might want to find that special person to settle down with. Or you might be looking for someone to spice up your life a little. Or a companion to share a night out at the theatre with.

t;Or a soul mate. Or a mate to share a beer with. Or a date to share a meal with. Or a lover to share a night with. Or a friend to share a laugh with.

Date Croydon can help you narrow down your search and get in touch with the right kind of people for you. You can search age, by location or by profile.

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People from every walk of life use Date Croydon.

For many of us, the daily grind of work and travel makes it hard to fit in time for ourselves. Others become stuck in a rut, socialising with the same old groups of friends.

Date Croydon is the perfect way to open up your horizons.

There are those who have recently moved into the area. Date Croydon provides a fast track route to finding like-minded people whether for friendship or love.

You might be young, free and single, but so busy climbing your career ladder that you need a quick and easy way to look after your social life.

Or you might recently have retired and suddenly have plenty of time on your hands for new adventures and new people. Or you might have gone through divorce and be looking for that new person to bring a bit of fresh air into your life.

Single parents are often tied down by the double responsibilities of work and children. Date Croydon is a simple and easy way to make contact with others in the same situation or to meet that special new someone to bring some excitement and romance back into life.

Or you might simply be tired of wasting time dating all the wrong people and want a convenient and effective way to make sure the people you date are right for you.

Whoever you are, whatever you are searching for, Date Croydon is here to help.